Many elderly people over the age of 65 always think that their blood pressure will be higher when they are older, and there are also many relatives and friends who have high blood pressure around them. Therefore, when the blood pressure is higher than 140/90mmHg when the doctor tells the doctor that the blood pressure is too high, blood pressure control or even medication is needed, the elderly often say that when they are older, the blood pressure will be higher, and there is no discomfort or symptoms. In addition, many friends and relatives around me have high blood pressure and have not taken any medications. At the same time, they are worried that they will not be able to go back once they take the medications.

No need to seek medical treatment if you are asymptomatic?

According to Dr. Cai Ruiyuan of the Department of Community and Family Medicine of the Hsinchu Branch of National Taiwan University Hospital, according to the 2015 Hypertension Treatment Guidelines, the prevalence rate of hypertension (>140/90mmHg) is 25% for men and 18% for women, and it rises to 47% for those over 60. Therefore, old age does affect blood pressure, but there is no discomfort or symptom that does not require medical treatment?

Dr. Cai Ruiyuan reminded that the major causes of death related to hypertension, such as heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and hypertensive disease, ranked second, third, and eighth respectively in the region in 2004. Therefore, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you must treat it well.

Basically, it is necessary to control the <140/90mmHg<27> winter diet and health tips

Many elderly people have a myth that if there is no physical discomfort, there is no need to strictly control high blood pressure. According to the 2015 guidelines for the treatment of hypertension, Dr. Cai Ruiyuan should basically control it to <140/90mmHg. Heart disease, chronic kidney disease with proteinuria, or antithrombotic therapy to prevent stroke, need to be strictly controlled to <130/80 mmHg. Only elderly people older than 80 years old who suffer from high blood pressure can relax the blood pressure control standard to < 150/90mmHg. <32>

Start with a change in lifestyle

When visiting a doctor, many patients often ask, “Is it necessary to take medicine for hypertension treatment?” Dr. Cai Ruiyuan said that it is actually possible to improve the lifestyle first. For example, limit daily salt intake, limit alcohol intake, weight loss, quit smoking, diet control, and exercise, etc. If the blood pressure control goal is not reached after the adjustment of lifestyle, then consider medication control.

Here are ten lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure:

  1. Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline
  2. Eat a healthy diet
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Reduce your sodium intake
  5. Quit smoking
  6. Avoid alcohol or limit the amount
  7. Cut back on caffeine
  8. Reduce your stress
  9. regularly monitor your blood pressure and see your doctor
Control high blood pressure without medication
Control high blood pressure

Never ignore blood pressure issues

According to the 2015 Hypertension Treatment Guidelines, the current high blood pressure control rate is only 21% for men and 29% for women. Dr. Cai Ruiyuan urged the elderly not to ignore blood pressure problems for the sake of their health.


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